Prayer Team


  • Recruit volunteers to pray
  • Solicit prayer requests from teams
  • Identify community prayer needs
  • Organize and Lead prayer and worship events
  • Maintain communication between prayer team network and team leaders

The prayer team provides consistent prayer support in order to insure that Compassion Beaverton is a work of the Spirit of God which will bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ and compassion to people. This team will ensure the work is beyond human touch, and is, in fact, supernatural.

Check out our Prayer Guide for a list of some general aspects of Compassion Beaverton that you can incorporate into your regular prayer time.

Upcoming Clinic

Saturday, February 27, 2016
St. Matthew Lutheran, 7am-1pm

Orientation for all volunteers on Friday, February 26th at St. Matthew,
Orientation sessions will run 30 min starting every hour between 3-7pm.