Dental Team

dentalTeam Leader: Janee Walker


  • Recruit Dentists and Dental offices
  • Coordinate NW Medical Teams van and volunteers
  • Set up mobile dental units at the clinic
  • Establish guidelines for the scope of dental services
  • Pre-assign patients for morning appointments
  • Screen patients for most effective ministry
  • Provide Debriefing for each patient

The dental team┬áprovides leadership in pulling together Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants and equipment necessary to meet the patient’s basic dental care needs within the scope of Compassion Beaverton’s ability to be most helpful. More than fixing teeth, this team ministers to the people with the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Clinic

Saturday, February 27, 2016
St. Matthew Lutheran, 7am-1pm

Orientation for all volunteers on Friday, February 26th at St. Matthew,
Orientation sessions will run 30 min starting every hour between 3-7pm.